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Party Play
Crazy-assed biker couple making the most out of life before the reaper visits. No holds barred, no standards, without limits! The ride, the party, the friends and family are what it's all about! Let's have some fun!

The Chopper

The Chopper

One of her Shows

One of her Shows

In Party Mode!

In Party Mode!
@ Hogs & Heifers in Vegas

Friday, June 4, 2010

Extreme Party- Memorial Day Fun

It's warming up in AZ and party fun gets more crazy! We've made an overnite ride to Flagstaff with friends who love to party, and are very generous and beautiful! We shared their cabin, partied, had too much to drink and enjoyed the mountain. Yes, she does have jammies!

Usually, the Hideaway is on the route and Elvis gets her groove on!

The staff offers her CRUZ TEQUILA pasties if she'll show em off.

Gee, do you think it took

her two seconds to argue that request? Hardly!

How do they look? You do see them, right? The pasties I mean.

Finally, as a final remark to this entry, my condolences to the Dennis Hopper family and fans. He was a true artist and creative genius who had no problem in taking chances.
In 1969, when Easy Rider came out, Dennis' vision made me want to ride. I bought my first motorcycle and felt renewed freedom like an 8 year old getting his first bicycle. Now at 57 years old, the very same movie has shown me the course for the unjust, the goofballs and people who don't respect life, kids and ladies. It's made me less tolerant of morons, assholes and rude people. I know exactly how to deal with them... the way they deserve! "Kind of a don't tread on me" attitude.

In a world of fake bad boys, he was the true article — a natural-born rule breaker, a Hollywood rebel who took midnight rides on the wild side with James Dean, a scraggly-haired hippie too hip (and too dark) to let the sunshine in. Rest in Peace!

Dennis survived very tough times, personally and professionally, not mention the toughest addictions. His strong character survived his own abuses, and ultimately succumbed to his prostrate with prostate cancer. I personally will miss him, his contributions and his lifestyle.
Ride on Billie!

Next, a little bank deposit being made by a totally sober (not!) patron at Dirty Doggs. She makes a lovely bank teller, doesn't she?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona Bike Week- Partied like Rock Stars wish they could!

AZ Bikeweek is an annual event here in PHX. Almost all of the Bike dealers tie-in with various events, rock concerts, rides and fun to make this week one hell of an event.

This year, we live in PHX and don't have the make the trip from San Diego. This year, rather than commute each day/evening from home to the venues which are mostly on the North, East and Southeast of Phx, we stayed at the Westworld RV facility. Really worked out well cuz after the late concerts and parties and drinking, we didn't have to ride the bike back home.

We partied at Dirty Doggs in N Scottsdale, with great music, little too crowded, but it had Lori dancin' on the bar raising hell and eyebrows!

Also, we tore the house down at Steel Horse Saloon in N Phoenix too. This place is cool! Always has great live rocknroll, cheap drinks and lots of fun people. One night, Friday night, we drug in there pretty late and Lori got things all jacked up on the dancefloor in a big way. Just like life with Elvis, the camera-flashes were like continuous lightning! Might of had a little to do with what she was wearing. But that's a maybe.

Finally, we spent a lot of time at the Hideaway too. I'll tell ya, Mark and Rick really know how to throw a party! Great music, especially Saturday, great food, and always cheap drinks. They pack this place to top and people still have fun. He brings in extra hired hands to tend two extra bars. Kimmy is the one who was too cool. She wanted to take Lori home with her. I think she's from South Dakota. She knows how to get the girls all worked up and her body!.... OMG. She a hottie!

Lori somehow got sidelined in the bar for a private showing of her body and Mark and his cronies had quite a photo shoot. She's such a bashful girl!

Saturday night... George Thorogood was in the house and he rocked! 13000 people in that huge tent for the show. We were 25 feet from center stage and had a blast! Again, bumper to bumper but we it was fun. Great sounds, music, and made new friends.

When it was all over at the Hideaway on Sunday, we rode home exhausted! Deprived of sleep (what bed time we did get was spent partying!), too much alcohol, too much party, too much sun. We were all spent. We looked forward to getting home, de-toxing and rest. But we can't wait... not only for AZ Bikeweek 2011, but next weekend to have more fun! If ya see us, say hi! Stan and Lori (Elvis)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Ride to one of our Favorite Bar Hop Stops

The best part about living in AZ is the opportunities to get out on the road, in 77 degree temps, with the beginings of Spring desert growth and aromas, havin' fun with friends.

Saturday, we had very fun friends rendezvous at our home for bloody marys and margaritas and laughs and then departed to a little known historic 1800 style bar one hour West of Phoenix that rocks! They accept our rowdy style and let us be as loud as we are, have fun, and let the girls take it off! And, this place has the best Jukebox in AZ.... bar none! If it rocks, they got it!

Just a beautiful two lane road, the repititive thump of engines and the expectation of fun, laughs and brotherhood. We had no problems, no issues and everyone had their party face on!

When enough libation was had, we motored back for the 75 mile ride back to barn where we had dinner waiting for us, great tunes, more laughs and a pole!

Jamie... there is some history there you're not telling us! Thanks to those who went and made it fun! Cant wait til next weekend.

On Sunday, back to the Cave Creek biker venue for hookin' up with more friends. Tofer always get's us in right up front. I think to just to watch her dismount! :) He's a great guy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Live with Elvis

Bikin' around Arizona with this hottie is like traveling with ELVIS! Everywhere we go, she is recognized by her antics in various biker bars, dance halls, bike shows, conventions and rallys.

I get told the same thing, everywhere we go. "You're a LUCKY guy!" Dont I know. If you only knew what hangin' with her is like!

Happy Valentines Babe! It's been the best ride ever!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enough rain! Hopefully a weekend of Ride & Party!

Enough of the wet stuff! I've got all the weeds I need and more than enough waterspots on the motorcycle to last me a lifetime!

I'm ready for another beautiful Arizona sun-filled weekend to ride around without all the heavy-triple layered leather shit and see my wife in some skin! And party.... there must be a party somewhere this wknd with a pole, killer juke and fun!

Well, we're on the prowl and well find it. Hell or highwater! Hey that really fits!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why is it Fridays seem so long cause you want to get out and PARTY!

Can they get any longer. Do you think Fridays are actually something like 26 hours or more?

All I get is emails from bars, parties and venues inviting us out to play! We need to work on a way to shrink Fridays down. You know,.... I think I'll just go back to bed and see if that works!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wild Ride, End of March 2010 Las Vegas to Ensenada

Just to share with many, there is an annual ride from Las Vegas to Ensenada MX at the end of March that is exceptional. Put together by a close friend and experienced party-planner, Jim has got it all figured out.

It's called the "RUN FOR THE BORDER". First a group begins in Las Vegas at the Hogs & Hiefers Saloon downtown 3rd & Stewart on Friday 8AM, KSU at 9AM.


They ride to San Diego Harley Davidson in Kearny Mesa to meet a San Diego Contingent along with a Los Angeles Contingent who will rendezvoux there as well. Then the large group will proceed to the border to be met by a Mexican Federale Escort down to the resort (Take-Over) in Ensenada where the party will go til Sunday 10AM KSU to ride back to San Diego/Vegas/LA.

We will be riding to Las Vegas on Thursday morning to party in Vegas Thursday nite and then begin the ride there with friends. You can check out the event at :

Don't miss it if you like to party!