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Party Play
Crazy-assed biker couple making the most out of life before the reaper visits. No holds barred, no standards, without limits! The ride, the party, the friends and family are what it's all about! Let's have some fun!

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The Chopper

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One of her Shows

In Party Mode!

In Party Mode!
@ Hogs & Heifers in Vegas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wild Ride, End of March 2010 Las Vegas to Ensenada

Just to share with many, there is an annual ride from Las Vegas to Ensenada MX at the end of March that is exceptional. Put together by a close friend and experienced party-planner, Jim has got it all figured out.

It's called the "RUN FOR THE BORDER". First a group begins in Las Vegas at the Hogs & Hiefers Saloon downtown 3rd & Stewart on Friday 8AM, KSU at 9AM.


They ride to San Diego Harley Davidson in Kearny Mesa to meet a San Diego Contingent along with a Los Angeles Contingent who will rendezvoux there as well. Then the large group will proceed to the border to be met by a Mexican Federale Escort down to the resort (Take-Over) in Ensenada where the party will go til Sunday 10AM KSU to ride back to San Diego/Vegas/LA.

We will be riding to Las Vegas on Thursday morning to party in Vegas Thursday nite and then begin the ride there with friends. You can check out the event at :

Don't miss it if you like to party!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bikers never seem to amaze me!

Like most of you, I'll bet the extended family is still hanging around and you can't wait to get your life, privacy and normal lifestyle back! We'll us either! Yesterday, I just had to hop on the scoot and blow the stink off! I hopped on out to the Desert Rose Cantina on Old Hwy 80 in Arlington. It was an awesome sunny day with just a little chill. I wore a light leather jacket. It was plenty. Upon pulling up to the DRC, there were about 8 HD Baggers and couple of nice choppers. When I walked up, I was greated by three of the bikers who visited and chatted with me about my Victory, the choppers and normal BS. Really great people. Friendly, interested and genuine. Even invited me to ride back to the Valley with em and on a ride next weekend.

Bikers are simply cool, honest, transparent and genuine! Ain't it great?!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HOLIDAY TOY RUNS - Great weekend riding and partys

What a fabulous mid-December weekend in Phoenix. This is why we live here! Mid 70's, sunny and gentle breeze. So, we decide we gotta ride! So what I'll share with ya here is the Good and Bad of a Charity Run. I mean, we like to ride, and party and these sorta things give ya both. So we have great biker bar here in PHX and it's always rockin'. We go there often because they have live rock and we're buds with the bouncer. Everyone there is always cool and in party mode. We hear they're having a Saturday Toy Run with 5 stops, and should be fun. Especially since this bar is a rocker! So we get there at reg time and do so. Then this begins to drag on for some time til they start to round up and head out. I'm sure stands went up late.

Then about 50 to 75 bikes, about half are two-up, take to stop #1. This is an old bar in mid Glendale and these poor folks had no idea they were a stop on this run til about 10 minutes before we got there. This poor lady bartender was swamped. She had no idea. She hadn't prepared one bit! Limited on cold ones, and every cocktail, especially Bloody Marys just froze the process. The riders were cool with it, we actually felt sorry for this poor lady, but she stuck to it and worked her ass off without a snivel. Then when everyone got served, she started back with #1 and refilled! She saved this places ass! She deserves a raise, if not the deed!

Then stop two was at a biker wear store. Great place and even better staff. They have good stuff and prices are fair. Then on to the next stop, the primo biker bar in the valley. Known for genrous drinks, hot bikes and lots of hot babes. Such was the case Saturday. We had a great time there. I've always wondered how this place pulls. Rarely entertainment, most of the place is outside, and now it's really had some $ poored into it for more shade, seating and area to bullshit. But usually no entertainment, just the venue itself. A really amazing thing, bikers everywhere at this place and nothing but a place to hang and shoot the shit. They do it well! Hot bartenders, almost enough parking, and outside. By the way, the best food too!

Sunday, another beautiful day in paradise. We figure, it's gotta be the last great day for December and we're gonna enjoy it. We'll find fun somewhere! So I remember I saw some poster at a bar yesterday that said the Lost Dutchman MC Mesa were having a Charity/ Salvation Army Toy Run and Party. I figure they party and know how to have fun. We have lots of friends in Clubs and we always have fun! So we decide to ride to Mesa, cause we have friends there and they'll meet us there. Plus, we'll make new friends if this has any kind of draw. We pull up to the LDMC Clubhouse at about 5 after 10AM and no sooner drop the stand and some Prospect greets us and invites us in. Awesome! Then upon entering, this place is FANTASTIC! Bike shit everywhere, dark, fireplace, heaters, pool table, and two bars! One huge 20 footer with stools, mirrors, full refridgerators with glass doors, fully stocked with everything, moodlighting and more. The other, a specialty Bloody Mary Bar, cranked up going full speed. We were promptly greeted by Randy, wife of the LDMC Pres. She welcomed us, showed us around and then asked if wanted a refreshment. Hell yes! She took us to the Bloody Mary bar manned by none other than the LDMC Pres, Louis. (damn I hope I have your name right.) He commenced to makin' the most awesome Bloody Mary! Indescribable! Dude you got it! Outstanding! Other members greeted us, entertained and made us feel very appreciated and welcome.

Plenty of seating outside, a firepit blazin' and nothing but laughs. Laura, you're a blast! Thanks for sharin'. Keep it calm! Rick and Larry G from Peoria also spent time and shared with us. Great guys. Thanks. There were about 300 bikes or so. Quite a few Clubs represented too. Nice to see. Lost Dutchman from Mesa and Peoria, Hells Angels, Devils Own, Triple Threat, Sons of Christ, and more! ( No disrespect in my bad memory.) Every was havin' fun, laughing and enjoying the moment.
The plan for the ride, when the party is over is this. They had this Xmas Tree in the clubhouse with a bunch of tickets on it. Each ticket had been prepared by the Salvation Army with a kid's name on it and his/her Xmas wish list. You then take one of the tickets, then later after the party, we all ride over to the local Walmart as a group. We're supposed to go in, buy the little guy all stuff you want to buy, and then take it one of two special "Bikers only" check out stands for quick check out. And, it was. Walmart management all over the place to be sure they made it quick and easy for us. Then after check out, we walk outside and there's a moving van to accept your gifts, give us a Salvaltion Army Tax Deduction Receipt and load the gifts. This operation worked like a machine. From arrival to loading, it took maybe 30 minutes. Inside the Walmart, was a ton of fun. Watching these leathered up big ass bikers walk down the Barbie Aisle looking for the special Barbie or Barbie clothes was a riot. They were havin' the best time. Lots of laughs, jokes and fun. Lori took out the camera and shot some pics and video. Dolls, games under one arm, bicycles, skateboards and helicopters under the other. One guy told her not to post this video on YouTube. He had a problem with that once. He asked Lori, "You ever been on Youtube?" She said," hell yes, but can't talk about it here! Tell ya later she said." They all knew what she was talkin about!

Our sincere compliments to the Lost Dutchman MC Mesa! You guys really had this organized for fun first, benefits second, and simplicity all the way. Everything was thought of ahead of time. We really had a great time! Special thanks to: (but not limited to, due to my bad memory and ability to remember names) Randy, Tina, Louis, Brooklyn, and Peoria's Larry G and Rick. You're whole club rocks and made us feel welcome and appreciated. Your ability to organize, was amazing! Your hospitality was fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves and our day! We felt glad we could help. Love and respect! Stan and Lori

Vaya Con Dios-Hasta la Vista- Chuck and Dee....for a while!

This weekend, we say goodbye to real bikers. They've been our hang-arounds (or us theirs) for about two years now. They are moving to Austin Texas for a better run at this shitty economy and livlihood! He's a son of Texas anyway. They are truly great people, great citizens, hard-working parents, homeowners and awesome party-friends. We have riden together, trusted one another, drank, danced and laughed together. We've shared our lives.

When you're headin' down a one-lane road at 2am with a snoot-full, just 24" off the tire of the bike in front of you at 90+mph, you better hope the biker in front of you knows how to ride. Chuck does. When you find yourself in challenged turf, actin' like an idiot party-animal and might need your back covered... Chuck does. When you're down and out and need a friend to light up a party, Chuck and Dee do! Definitely our loss and Austin's gain.

I hope all you Texas twangin', long-neck suckin', yeehaw bikers out there enjoy and respect these two bikers. He and Dee are comin' mighty highly recommended! This last weekend will be our Bon-Voyage-Vayacondios Party-Hasta La Vista Party. Can't quite explain how crazy it gets with them, but just expect no rules; no holds barred kinda fun!

Phoenix will miss you two. So will we. Stay in touch Zs and have fun!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hell Yea! It's Friday!

Gettin' on the scoot and makin' the rounds tonite for live rock and blues, a pole, and some crazy-assed friends!
Bring it on! Party hard, ride safe, leave a beautiful corpse!

Thursday, December 3, 2009